Arthur Goldschmidt Jr, Lawrence Davidson] A Concise History of the Middle East

Review :

Of most of the Middle Eastern history, this was rated more or less the highest. I now have a much better understanding of the situation. Each country there was a bit different; Iran was from Persia. Turkey was the country of Turks from middle Asia. Arabs were in Arabia. Egypt has Egyptians. Iraq and Israel did not exist before the twentieth century. The Ottoman Empire was great until it broke apart after the second world war. The Great Powers invaded Middle Eastern countries when they wanted to protect their trade route at the Suez and their oil supply. That caused problems during the World Wars and Cold War. America put the Shah in power in Iran in replace of a democratically elected government. Bush invaded Iraq believing it had weapons of mass destruction. Currently there was still a war in Syria. The last part was about the endless Arab-Israel and the. Palestinian-Israel. There tit-for-tat terrorism and missile strikes and bombings ensure that each side see the other as the bad one and I think peace is going to be impossible.

A great summary of the Middle East for anyone.

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