Average Joe

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An Average Joe's Pursuit for Financial Freedom by Michael Warren Munsey starts off with a comprehensive table of contents. I never really questioned my finances. I just know that it's not much - therefore, questions don't come to mind.

I started with "What Is Being Financially Free" And the meaning behind the 401(k) created in 1978 resulting from the Tax Reform Act. (A must read especially for lower-income workers) It is not as great as it appears to be.

I was a little unaware of "How Schools Measure Success" and how we go about our failures. And, I am in the majority who have to work for a paycheck, so this is very important for me to read. I want to increase my financial intelligence. How do I go about it First thing first, getting information will lead the way. I liked "Interactive Exercise" where I read things that I never thought of. I was amazed.

Calculating costs, assets, cash flow and measuring it against a standard of living. Chapter 5 starts with very interesting information that everyone should read. And it gets better right afterwards. From the start, An Average Joe has instructed me as well as informed me of all the possibilities of how I can be Financially Free. A must read! I recommend it.
Adriana LG

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