Blood, Sweat, and Pixels - Jason Schreier

Review :

When a book makes you miss your station twice, you know it's a good one. I originally picked this up with the premise of 'I'm reading this for work', but I ended up really enjoying it and even played Stardew Valley and looked further into 'The Witcher 3'! I am not a massive gamer, but I do have my niche of games I get caught into ('The Sims', 'Need for Speed' to name a few) so I was at least hoping that if I read it for work I might find something that I would like to explore further and that would give me that immersive feeling I had about playing games when I was a teenager.

What I especially liked about this book was that they were not all success stories. One of the games wasn't even released, it was scrapped when it looked like it was heading in the right direction. Others were released with mediocre or even poor reviews, yet their teams committed to delivering improvements via patches until years after. It's honest, gripping and at times frustrating, but it sounds like that's the reality of the industry, and acknowledging and talking about failures are just as important as talking about success.

Some stories I found particularly interesting were that of 'Stardew Valley' (created by a single person), 'The Witcher 3' (made by a Polish studio, very much the underdog in the business) and 'Dragon Age: Inquisition' (how can you match up with past AAA games you yourself have released).

I would highly recommend this to anyone, whatever medium of story-telling you're into - if nothing else, you might have a game or two to check out at the end of it.

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