Born to Fly

Review :

The name that always come to mind when female aviators are mentioned is the famously known Amelia Earhart. However, there were many other female pilots who have made an impact in this field during the same era.

Born to Fly-The First Women's Air Race across America was a fascinating children's nonfiction book about remarkable, but little known women pilots such as Louise McPhetridge, Ruth Elder, Marvel Crosson, Florence Lowe, Raymonde de Laroche, Harriet Quimby, Bessie Coleman(the first African American pilot in the United States), Elinor Smith (world's youngest pilot-male or female)and Neta Snook (who taught Amelia Earhart how to fly).

The author wrote in a language suited for this age group. He also engaged his audience with inspiring stories of courage and resiliency. Most importantly, the author gave voice to these women's outstanding accomplishments so that all generations will remember their names and place in history. This was a thoroughly enjoyable and entertaining read.
Highly recommended for readers of all ages and should definitely be included in school and classroom libraries.

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