Modern Manners The Essential Guide to Correct Behaviour and Etiquette

Review :

the book provided us with more perspectives and point of views in many situation rather than just instruction on how to behave in such occasions. I personally love the way of thinking of Philip, the writer, that states manners are basically tools to make our daily lives better. not to show an act of snobbery. well, because indeed there are few manners that made by pompous individuals. the book itself is written in a Q&A form, categorized by theme, perhaps a collection from newspapers back then when he was a columnist, which I find amusing to read. although if I were one of the reader whom asked the question, I might find the answers were not really satisfying. but had I had known how to make an angle out of that situation before, just like the type of answers he gave, my life would have been so much better. I had encountered the kind of events with almost bullet precision similitude of the questions asked. yet, I'm 25 when I read this. the sooner you read it the better. I dare to say that this is a book of Western manners and of Eastern wisdoms combined. that's a cliché tho, never mind.

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