Reluctant Billionaire

Review :

It took me a while to make myself read this book, only because I had read the first one and found the ending to be too intense for me. It turned out to be way better than I thought it would be.

Kaya is only 23 when she inherits three very young children, one of them a baby. She isn't rich and begins to worry about how she will take care of all of them. Despite this, and despite not having known her half-sister that well, she immediately, and without hesitation decides to take care of her nieces and nephew. She hasn't experienced love of a man or that of family since her father left at a very young age and her mother was never there for her. But she opens herself up to that emotion.

The placement of the three children is what leads to the meeting of Kaya and Bryce. Bryce is very loyal and honorable. He has known the children since they were born and is soo good with them. I could actually feel how deep his love was for the kids. Despite the slight dispute in the beginning about who will get the kids, he helps Kaya get close to them. I liked how Bryce and Kaya first meet and feel the attraction between them but have so many reasons not to think more of it.

I like the author's writing style. Her choice of words and small moments are always written so well. There was such nice, descriptive writing. Ana Ross does a great job writing about love and emotion and painful moments.

There were several things that made me like the book more. The love for the dead spouse didn't seem to overshadow the relationship between the characters as it did for the previous book. That was a major improvement. I also loved the mention of God. It seemed to make the story seem more real. I was glad to hear the truth behind Kaya's past relationship. I liked that there was nobody that came between Kaya and Bryce or caused a major separation or jealousy. It seems that authors always resort to those types of things to add angst in the story but it causes way more tension than needed and just becomes a cliché. This story did so well without it.

I didn't think anything was missing from this story but I do hope Ms. Ross tries a slightly different scenario than men with deceased wives and children from a previous marriage. Also, I think it would be good to see female characters with different past histories than the ones in the first two books. Both females had some conflict with their father. Also, I wish authors didn't always have the male characters having so many past relationships with women. In this story it wasn't too much of a deal, but it always seems like the male characters are interchangeable in romance for this reason.

This book had a couple of similarities to the first book but it was still different, didn't keep reminding me of the first one. Sometimes authors add so many different conflicts or have too many things happening in a book, it's hard to believe it could be real. This book had just the right amount.

Overall, I liked this story! I wanted to keep reading it. It was much better than the first and definitely makes it seem like the next one will be good as well!

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