The Algebra Of Happiness Notes on the Pursuit of Success, Love, and Meaning by Scott Galloway

Review :

Most books start out well, and this one follows suit. However, toward the middle of this inspirational book or self-improvement device, I noticed that there was too much speak about personal life circumstances and speak about struggles of becoming a CEO. For most people, the goal of becoming a CEO is outlandish as saying that you want be an astronaut at the age of 33, or something similar.
But, for the first 25 pages or so, there is some good content that applies to the "normals" those of us working full time jobs and looking to accomplish a side dream through hard work.
There is a quote I enjoyed very much, "the ratio of time you spend sweating to watching others sweat is a forward looking indicator of you success," says Scott Galloway.
This reminds me of what Brian Tracy once said, "Your success in life will be in direct proportion to what you do after you do what you are expected to do."
Another thing that Scott Galloway mentions is that, through studies, we have discovered that we are happiest when in motion, meaning some exercise every now and then is good for your being.
The book is roughly 93 pages in length with some pages saved for citations, but after only capturing but a few nuggets of gold, I couldn't recommend this book when I know there are many more that are worthy of the price.

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