The Coffee Bean

Review :

A modern day fable about a stressed-out and troubled young man called Abe. The moral of the story is in life we can't always change the situation, but what we can change is how we react to it. In this enlightened tale Gordon brings to life three very different responses to 'boiling water'.

#1. To be like a carrot - allowing too much of the water in and becoming soft and easily breakable.

#2. To be like an egg - allowing none of the water in and becoming hardened by the negativity and adversity.

#3. To be like a coffee bean - transforming your whole environment to leave it fragrant and appealing.

In today's hate-driven world, we need to find the inspiration to create positive change. When faced with a difficult situation - what do you choose to be like The Carrot, The Egg or the Coffee Bean

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