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One of the things I like about the Dummies series is the format. You know what you are getting - while some of the authors do a better job of it than others - you're expecting a primer, a comprehensive introduction. Unlike some other cookbooks I've reviewed recently (notably, Ani Phyo's book) - this one is very factual and filled with real cooking science & nutritional information. There's not any self-indulgent rambling, New Age nonsense or pretentious/vain photoshoots of the author(s) looking ridiculously thin & pious while eating something on a streetcorner clad in pricey Lululemon yoga togs.

In fact - there aren't many images at all! The book is jam packed with great information, tutorials and recipes. There is even a meal plan for a 4- week program to transition to raw or just to lose weight & try out a lot of recipes.

While I would not consider myself a beginner - I did learn some interesting facts and quite admire the clean, methodical & organized way that the authors have presented the content. This is a book that I would happily pass along to my 65 year old mom or her 70 year old sister and feel confident that they would be up and running within a week, whipping up delicious raw nut cheeses and other goodies.

However, I'm not handing off this book because I want to try some of the recipes - there are some great recipes for the dehydrator as well as some nice sauces, dressings and other items. I get the sense that some of the recipes are similar to the Cafe Gratitude cookbook - but, when it comes down to it - there's only so many ways to soak almonds and make pate and some are much more popular to our palates than others.

I highly recommend this cookbook as your first raw/vegan cookbook - great information and instructions that will ensure success, hence, delight & enjoyment.

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