The End of Hunger

Review :

It is a rare occurrence to meet a truly extraordinary person. Several years ago, while on a flight I met Steve Peifer, former Oracle Systems executive, now Christian Missionary. Steve has dramatically changed the lives of countless school children in Kenya by feeding more than twenty thousand of them each day. The food program has reduced the drop out rate from fifty percent to close to zero, Additionally he has used shipping containers to create computer labs to teach the children, (many of whom have never even seen a computer), computer skills. By the time the children graduate from school they are certified in the use of Microsoft Office.

Steve Peifers lunch and computer programs are bringing "real change" to the children of Kenya. Their lives are
FOREVER changed and the cycle of poverty is BROKEN. This is a program where the vision of one family is helping Kenyans help themselves through hard work and determination. AMAZING!

This book details the story of a husband and wife who went to Kenya for a one-year mission trip following the death of their infant son. That trip changed their lives and led them to become full-time "Life Changers " to the children of Kenya. Their story grips your heart and changes it in one big swoop! It is impossible to read this book and not feel compelled to help. This book details a journey of HURT, HUNGER and HOPE. Peifer's words will jump out and bring tears of compassion and joy to your heart! My soul has been stirred into action and yours will be too. A must read!

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