Zero Waste Home The Ultimate Guide to Simplifying Your Life

Review :

This is my first book related to zero wasting. Before i read lots of articles and followed more than 20 accounts to know more about the topic.
Book is great, and at the same time i know that i wouldn't do and even try many things, that Bea did:) but i am on the right side, slowly i reduce, reuse and recycle. I do my best to explain others how to do it and inspire my friends to make first steps.
It's difficult to realize how huge can be affect of one family. Even one person. Just imagine one morning coffee it's more than 300 plastic cups, one bottle of water more than 300 hundred bottles. Bottles can be recycled but not forever, once plastic will be burnt or stay in garbage. Special reusable cup saves lots of resources, as well as bottle.

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